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About Us

Celebrate every moment

Gigi's Moments aims to provide something for everyone. We started off as a fashion accessories company in 2019 and have moved to giftables for mothers, soulmates, and more. We believe that the true value of a gift is the sentiment behind the gifting and when you do something out of love, you don't count the cost.

We created Gigi's Moments as a way to make gifting a thoughtful, uncomplicated process. Some people find it difficult to express themselves through words to their loved ones. Let us help you make your someone feel special.

About Gigi's Moments

Gigi's Moments (named after the founder's mom) is a small team aiming to providing you unique products with a mix of cost-efficiency and quality. We started our small business in 2019 with a passion for simplistic, beautiful design with an emphasis on quality first.

What Your Purchase Supports

Nothing we sell is made in a factory overseas. It doesn't take 30-50 days for a package from us to arrive. When you purchase from us, you're supporting a small family-owned business looking to grow, thrive, provide quality products and offer a larger catalog.